Lone Star Analysis Demonstrates Commitment to Community through Generous Donations to Local Charities

Lone Star Embraces the Season of Giving by Spreading Joy Across Dallas

DALLAS – December 14, 2023 – Lone Star Analysis, a trusted provider of leading-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics, and Evolved AI® (EAI), is dedicated to community welfare by making substantial donations to various local charities. Notably, Lone Star has chosen to spotlight the impactful work of Dallas Metro, an inner-city faith-based nonprofit, alongside additional contributions to Mazie’s Mission and Bull Luv Able Paws Rescue, two commendable animal charities in the Dallas area.

Lone Star consistently prioritizes community giving, with this year’s charitable efforts emphasizing its commitment to positive change. The company’s proudest moment unfolds during the week leading up to the annual Christmas party, as the 150-strong Lone Star team actively participates in a toy drive and fundraising efforts. Last year’s remarkable feat of gathering more than 1,300 toys for Dallas Metro has been surpassed this year, with the current collection exceeding 1,940 toys. Additionally, we are delighted to announce that we have not only met but surpassed our fundraising target of $72,000, reaching over $85,000.

“At Lone Star, we are dedicated to supporting our local community and making a positive impact on the lives (and paws) of others, said Matthew Bowers, President and COO of Lone Star .“We believe in the power of collective effort to bring about meaningful change in our community, and we’re happy that so many will have a brighter holiday thanks to our amazing team.”.

This year’s donations reflect Lone Star’s ongoing commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. By supporting these local charities, Lone Star aims to inspire others to join in the collective effort to make a lasting impact in Dallas.

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