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Board of Directors

Lone Star’s board of directors are inventors, technologists, strategists, and agents of change. Click below to find out more about our board of directors.

Steve Roemerman
Chairman &

Steve Roemerman

Steven Roemerman is the Chairman and CEO of Lone Star Analysis and has served in this role since 2004.

John Volpi

John Volpi

John Volpi is the CTO Emeritus of Lone Star Analysis after retiring in 2019, having served as CTO since 2004.

Matthew Bowers
President & Chief
Operating Officer

Matthew Bowers

Matthew Bowers is President of Lone Star Analysis and has been a corporate officer since 2004.

BJ Penn
CEO, Genesis IV
Former Acting Secretary of the Navy

B.J. Penn

B.J. Penn is the CEO of Genesis IV, the former acting Secretary of the Navy, and the former Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

Nicolas Lopez
HCAP Partners

Nicolas Lopez

Nicolas Lopez, CFA®, has been the Principal and Investment Committee Member at HCAP Partners since 2013.

Tim Bubnack
Managing Partner
HCAP Partners

Tim Bubnack, Board Observer

Tim Bubnack has been a Managing Partner at HCAP Partners since June 2007, providing loans to growth-stage businesses.

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