DALLAS – June 26, 2024 – Lone Star Analysis, a trusted provider of leading-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics and Evolved AI®, is proud to announce it has been awarded a digital twin patent for operations and maintenance applications.

“This patent adds to our growing portfolio of intellectual property,” said Eric Haney, Ph.D., CTO of Lone Star. “Operations and Maintenance or O&M are significant challenges to all the markets we serve. Digital Twins are one aspect of addressing those challenges.”

Lone Star’s MaxUp® Readiness offerings include MaxUp® ORDAIN. Before the ORDAIN (One-Shot Readiness Digital Twin AI Network) innovative approach to digital twins, there was no viable method for condition-based maintenance for single-use devices such as rocket motors in ejection seats. 

“We are quite interested in what we call Evil Twins,” said Steve Roemerman, CEO of Lone Star. “We want to know how the seeds of future failures are sown. This kind of digital twin predicts what will fail, why it will fail, and when it will fail. In some cases, these predictions can see months into the future.”

In 2022, the United States Navy awarded Lone Star a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research contract to address challenges with signal-use devices. The Department of Defense, in a statement at SBIR.gov, said, “The vision… is to establish a non-intrusive system of automated analysis tools (digital twins) that deliver near real-time performance/useful life projections (by device serial number) and associated maintenance intervention metrics for the entire…inventory.“ This digital twin patent and the resulting MaxUp® ORDAIN software provided the Navy with the solution it needed.

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