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Unlock the Power of Evolved AI® - AI Made Smarter™

At Lone Star Analysis, we revolutionize problem-solving with our Evolved AI® enabled solutions. When mainstream AI and traditional analytics fail, we are ready to help with advanced technology to provide the answers to your organization’s most complex problems.

With Evolved AI® (EAI®), leaders gain the ability to make informed decisions quickly and with unwavering confidence. Additionally, organizations can trust that automated processes are executed with precision for autonomous operations. Our novel approach to AI mathematics empowers our solutions to operate beyond the bounds of mathematical “necessary conditions” needed by mainstream AI.

Traditional Artificial Intelligence is big data dependent, requires massive computational resources, and is fragile in the face of noise and novel data. This perverse combination often “breaks the math” that powers mainstream AI. Evolved AI® on the other hand is usually more accurate, always uses less data, is extremely robust, and can run on a laptop!


Evolved AI® is more robust (less fragile in the face of noise and novel data) partly because it supports decision hierarchy to inhibit failures. The lower data requirements of EAI® mean faster training and deployment. Additionally, it dramatically reduces the computational power traditionally needed to process AI. This combination delivers optimized performance, enabling deployment on-premises, air-gapped, in the cloud, or at the edge.

How Can Evolved AI® Be Used?

Signal identification, classification, and automated cuing for analysts

Autonomous signal classification

Image recognition

Automated design optimization and systems assessments

Integrated AI/MBSE and design optimization

Generative AI applications (First Order AI Design)

Integrated operation with earlier generation (mainstream) AI

Condition-Based Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance

Clustering including unsupervised clustering

What Makes Evolved AI® Better?

Truly predictive, and able to “see” futures which are not in the training data

Operates faster – 80 x faster in one benchmark, 160 x in another against custom hardware

Supports users at all levels of AI sophistication and domain knowledge

Demonstrated to be more accurate even with less data

Naturally allows “hybrid” AI which can be “taught” what we know, as well as “learn” from data

Big data optional needing less training data – 1/10th the data or less than mainstream AI

More robust – Not confused by noise or operational uncertainty, resistant to spoofing, deception, and disinformation (100% drone detection vs. flock of birds)

Easy to upgrade and blend with new processing systems – CAMEO MBSE, MATLAB, etc.

Much smaller computational footprint – Run on a laptop or at the edge, making cloud optional

Evolved AI® by Lone Star Analysis - AI Made Smarter™

If your organization struggles to solve complex problems in your digital transformation process, we can help. Let us know if you would like to learn more about Lone Star’s EAI® enabled solutions:

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