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Lone Star’s team has an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in our personal conduct and business performance. Click below to find out more about our leadership team.
Chairman & CEO

Steve Roemerman

Steven Roemerman is the Chairman and CEO of Lone Star Analysis and has served in this role since 2004.
CTO Emeritus

John Volpi

John Volpi is the CTO Emeritus of Lone Star Analysis after retiring in 2019, having served as CTO since 2004.
President & Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Bowers

Matthew Bowers is President of Lone Star Analysis and has served as a corporate officer since 2004.
Chief Technology Officer

Eric Haney

Eric Haney is the Chief Technology Officer for Lone Star Analysis.
Vice President, Operations

Kelly Hartley

Kelly Hartley is Vice President Product Management for Lone Star Analysis.
Vice President, Finance & Accounting

Nancy Nelson

Nancy Nelson is Vice President of Finance and Accounting for Lone Star Analysis
Vice President, Competitive Differentiation

Ricardo Lopez

Ricardo Lopez is the Vice President of Competitive Differentiation for Lone Star Analysis.
Vice President, Performance Optimization

Robert Harrill

Robert Harrill is Vice President of Performance Optimization for Lone Star Analysis since 2017.
Vice President, Program & Systems Advisory

Laurie Cummins

Laurie Cummins is the Vice President, Program and Systems Advisory for Lone Star Analysis.
Vice President, Automated Intelligent Analytics Solutions

Davey Brooks

Davey Brooks is the Vice President of Automated Intelligent Analytics Solutions for Lone Star Analysis.
General Manager, Lone Star Analysis Ltd. (UK)

Robin Adlam

Robin Adlam is General Manager, Lone Star Analysis Ltd., Lone Star's subsidiary in the United Kingdom.


Lone Star® has gained recognition, and is sought out by customers, because we consistently help solve complex business and technical challenges. The best answer is only half the battle; it must also be implementable and understandable. To that end, we work closely with our customers to deliver both the best answer and one that can be implemented, embraced and effectively utilized.
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