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Competitive Analytics & Pricing Solutions to Win New Business

Competing to win new contracts is becoming increasingly difficult as today’s markets and competitive landscapes are significantly more dynamic. As new markets become available and mature markets consolidate, existing competition will increase, and new competitors will be identified. In order to maintain and extend market share, companies must possess a knowledge advantage over others in their markets. That is where our competitive solutions come in.


Lone Star Analysis leads the way in helping clients win competitive bids. We provide competitive analytics and pricing solutions through market research, price-to-win analysis, customer assessments, and competitive intelligence. Applying behavioral economics principles, our software, processes, and training empower organizations to make winning decisions. We have helped clients win over $50 billion in contracts since 2012.

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Our Price to Win
Software Solution

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TruPredict® is a real-time analytics software solution that gives users insights into their competitive positioning and optimal bid strategy through a series of “what if” scenarios. What TruPredict® gives you:

• Price to Win
• Market pricing
• Strategic pricing
• Competition setup
• Competitor evaluation

Explore the art of “what-if”!

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Intelligence to Win

Competitive Analytics & Pricing can be defined by these areas:

Price to Win

Lone Star® is the leader in the competitive Price to Win community. We have gained a reputation for delivering insightful analysis, advice, and pricing support leading to an improved Probability of Win.

CI & PTW Training

Lone Star® has a variety of training programs focused on improving our customer’s internal capabilities in competitive pricing and intelligence.

Market Research & Analysis

Lone Star’s market research and analysis capabilities span from very small evaluations of niche market segments to exhaustive analysis for multi-billion dollar markets.

Competitive Intelligence & Analysis

Lone Star’s Competitive Intelligence (CI) capabilities are the benchmark in the CI community.

Customer Assessments

Lone Star’s Customer Assessment (CA) process focuses on gaining a detailed and holistic understanding of our client’s customers.

Black Hat Support

The purpose of a Black Hat is to assist with shaping your capture strategy based on customer and competitor findings by conducting a competitive assessment workshop.

Many organizations use Lone Star to win more contracts! Now you can too!

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