Lone Star Analysis Survey Reveals Significant Disparities in Digital Data and Privacy Concerns Across US, UK, and EU

US Respondents Express Greater Concern over Data Collection and Desire for Compensation in Comparison to UK and EU Counterparts


DALLAS – July 26, 2023 – A recent survey conducted by Lone Star Analysis, a trusted provider of leading-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics, and Evolved AI® (EAI®), has revealed key insights into the public’s views on digital data, privacy, AI, and governmental action. The survey, conducted in May 2023, compared the responses of 4,800 individuals aged 16 and older from the US, UK, and EU.

The results showed stark disparities, with American respondents notably differing from other Western nations in their attitudes toward data privacy and AI. A significant finding was that fewer than 20% of respondents felt the US Congress was doing enough or was on the right track to address these concerns.

Steve Roemerman, CEO of Lone Star Analysis, commented on the findings, stating, “Our survey has shed light on the complex landscape of data privacy and AI. It’s clear that there is a heightened awareness and concern among US respondents regarding data collection, the use of their personal data, and the security risks associated with AI tools.”

The survey revealed that Americans were most likely to feel that they were owed compensation when their data was used for AI training or corporate purposes, with 60% saying “yes” to this proposition. Only 14% said “no”. Additionally, 80% of US respondents expressed concerns about the security of their employers’ data while using AI tools.

“The data speaks volumes about the expectations of consumers in the digital age,” said Roemerman. “It’s apparent that Americans value their personal data highly and want to see it protected and appropriately compensated for. We hope these findings will inform ongoing discussions about the role of AI and data privacy legislation.”

Lone Star Analysis has a strong track record in delivering actionable insights to complex problems across a range of sectors. In the past year, Lone Star was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in North Texas, winning a Dallas 100 award and a national award for Artificial Intelligence.

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