AI and Predictive Analytics for Production Assets

Lone Star was featured in the Digital Energy Journal discussing artificial intelligence and predictive analytics for production assets.  

Lone Star – AI and Predictive Analytics for Production Assets

In the July-August 2021 Issue 91 of the Digital Energy Journal, Lone Star’s Davey Brooks, vice president of automated intelligent analytics solutions, shared how Lone Star offers a different customer solution than what is available with other outside consultancies. With our solution, oil and gas companies can customize asset-specific AI models for their specific equipment. Lone Star’s new AI technology is better than mainstream AI methods. We see results that are real breakthroughs. If you deal with Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs) and you want good results, you’ll find helpful information on our Evolved AI™ – combining physics-based and data-based models – in this article.

With Evolved AI®, because you’re using mathematical and physics equations and principles, we can confidently say we know this is going to be accurate within some range. ~ Davey Brooks

Find out what makes Lone Star’s offering different. Read the article: Digital Energy Journal Article

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