In our new Competitive Intelligence for the Win eBook, we share how competitive intelligence leads to winning more contracts, more opportunities, and more revenue for your company. Competitive intelligence is your solution to secure the right data that will help you with capture and bid strategies. But where do you start? Do you know the approach you should take with competitive intelligence? Competitive intelligence is much more effective when you have a road map to guide your decisions.

Here’s a sneak peek of some best practices and answers to your questions that you’ll take away from the eBook:

  • Find out what precisely competitive intelligence is.
  • Understand why competitive intelligence is the cornerstone for building a business strategy.
  • Learn the tactics for excavating competitor data.
  • Discover the essential areas of competitive differentiation.
  • Identify other forms of market research and analysis that will help you in your role as a capture manager, pricing analyst, business, or project manager.
  • Determine how to deliver actionable intelligence to your team and stakeholders.
  • Prepare for the pitfalls that can happen when collecting competitive intelligence.

Are you ready to learn more about competitive intelligence and how it can benefit your role? Download the Competitive Intelligence for the Win ebook right here and start winning contracts.

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