Lone Star Analysis, a trusted provider of advisory services and internationally recognized for leading-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions, is now offering TruProcess, a software solution designed to help plan and assess complex processes and programs associated with modern manufacturing, supply chain management and fleet maintenance.

“Companies face a wide range of issues when it comes to managing the production and maintenance of products. Nearly all these issues involve complex uncertainty and unknowns,” said Steve Roemerman, CEO and Chairman, Lone Star Analysis. “We created TruProcess as a response to these issues. It addresses the challenges of managing supply chains, inventories and production lines, by forecasting key metrics, including timelines, throughputs and cost estimates.”

While other solutions work to identify and address one constraint at a time, or ignore constraints completely, TruProcess predicts potential issues simultaneously. Once aware of the issues, it prescribes targeted and comprehensive solutions to help manage the flow of resources through the supply chain and manufacturing process.

TruProcess is also being used for complex fleet planning. It considers the conditions each asset in a fleet might experience, using spans of uncertainty to describe future fleet age, asset usage patterns, environmental conditions and resource utilization; ultimately arriving at fleet availability. Despite these uncertainties, TruProcess is able to quickly and intuitively provide an objective forecast of the state of the fleet well into the future. With a more realistic, unified view of impending fleet requirements, repair depots and maintenance specialists can optimize cost, capital outlays, production plans and future operations. This lowers downtime, accelerates implementation and improves day-to-day functions.

To learn more about TruProcess, visit: https://www.lone-star.com/software/truprocess/.