Lone Star Analysis has launched TruPredict™, an accessible price-to-win software designed to provide a standardized method for bidding federal contracts.

Lone Star Analysis, a trusted provider of advisory services and internationally recognized for leading-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions, has launched TruPredict™, a price-to-win software designed to build and analyze competitive pricing. The solution allows users to win federal contracts in a fraction of the time compared to traditional solutions.

“Many pricing processes being used today are convoluted. They require awkward spreadsheets, while they skip advanced strategic value pricing,” said Steve Roemerman, CEO and chairman, Lone Star Analysis. “TruPredict streamlines bidding and captures strategic insights, helping users achieve more wins.”

Understanding the need for a powerful competitive differentiation solution, Lone Star created TruPredict to be accessible with a standard methodology for everyone involved in the pricing process. Using a combination of existing data points and variables of uncertainty, TruPredict runs a series of “what-if” scenarios to determine the best value and price for bidding.

TruPredict simulates competitive scenarios in seconds. It significantly reduces the time to test bid strategy including “what-if” assessments of competitors’ moves. It accelerates the pricing and bidding process providing decision makers more time to think and strategize. Users have the ability to update simulation conditions and desired bidding price in real time. Using reliable and accurate data, TruPredict enables companies to win more contracts and maximize profitability.

The application incorporates an easy-to-use interface and help function, allowing those with limited competitive pricing experience to familiarize themselves with the software.

To learn more about TruPredict, visit: https://www.trupredict.com/.


About TruPredict™ 
TruPredict™ is a price-to-win software built to simplify and standardize the process for pricing federal contracts. Operating as an on-premise software, TruPredict simulates scenarios in real time, allowing users to change conditions and variables to build and analyze competitive price points. TruPredict is a Lone Star Analysis product. For more information on TruPredict, visit https://www.trupredict.com/.

About Lone Star Analysis 
Lone Star Analysis is a Dallas-based predictive and prescriptive analytics specialist enabling customers to make smarter decisions faster by leveraging data and insights to provide foresight and enhance the decision-making of its customers. Lone Star’s TruNavigator® and AnalyticsOSTM software programs provide transparent, auditable and explainable solutions for clients. Additionally, Lone Star applies the right combination of data, people and processes to get results with its 15 years of experience and more than 1,000 subject matter experts, across several industries, including aerospace, defense, energy, logistics, manufacturing and transportation.

For more information on Lone Star, visit http://www.Lone-Star.com.

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