Analytics Best Practices Featured at Probability Management’s Annual Meeting on Risk

SAN JOSE, Calif. (PRWEB) March 13, 2018

Lone Star Analysis CEO, Steve Roemerman will lead two sessions on analytics best practices at the Probability Management annual meeting in San Jose.

Steve is the Chair of Best Modeling Practice at Probability Management. He will present a paper titled “Best Practices in Risk Analytics; How Risky is Your Risk Analysis?” Later in the meeting, Steve will chair a panel discussion on best practices in risk analytics and why some organizations chose less-than-best practices.

Featured speakers include Nobel winner Harry Markowitz, Sam Savage, Executive Director of the organization, and Jack Jones, Chairman of the Fair Institute.

“We live in an age of algorithms,” Roemerman said. “It would be great if all analytics were done right, but sadly, it’s rare. Our benchmarking aims to elevate the standards we can all follow.”

The Probability Management Annual Meeting this year focuses on the topic, “Standardizing Risk” and is open to the public. It will be held March 27 and 28 in San Jose, California. Registration for the event is available online at:

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Probability Management, Inc. is a nonprofit dedicated to rethinking uncertainty through education, best practices, and the open SIPmath™ standard. Probability Management is a leader in the promotion of open analytics tools and standards.

The discipline of probability management uses current computer technology to address the Flaw of Averages through improvements in: Communication of Uncertainties, Calculation with Uncertainties, and the Credibility of Uncertain Estimates.

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