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Lone Star Continues with its Commitment to Employ Summer Interns

Recently, Nathan Rios, one of three interns who participated in Lone Star’s intern program, took a few moments from his busy fall semester to write…

“Although I’m in a different atmosphere I still try to maintain that same professionalism and dedication with my school. I enjoy my classes, they are starting to get tough but I try to just ask myself if I was asked to do this at Lone Star how would I get it done and it just motivates me to tackle it more!”

Lone Star Supports a Texas Thing: Small Town Rodeo

It’s a Texas Thing; small town summer rodeo. Flag waving, dirt flying, local kids, working cowhands, traveling professionals, and NOT made for TV. Lone Star is a proud sponsor of the 49th Annual Lewisville Labor Day Rodeo. More than a dozen employees and family members will attend the three day event this year. Several summer rodeos survive across Texas, but we are fortunate to have this little slice of Texas culture alive so near the urban sprawl of DFW. This event is only 30 minutes from the I. M. Pei designed Dallas Symphony Hall.