Recently, the military’s focus has shifted to artificial intelligence applications and functions. Lone Star’s Davey Brooks, vice president of Automated Intelligent Analytics Solutions, wrote an article for the COTS Journal. In this special feature article, “The New Machine Learning Method for the Military – Evolved AI®,” we discuss the military understands the need for smarter, more advanced systems.


Here is a snippet of the article:


The New Military Machine Learning Method – Evolved AI® 

Understanding the need for smarter, more advanced systems, the military has recently shifted its focus to artificial intelligence applications and functions. Although not a new concept, military adoption of AI has been a slow process given the unique challenges it encounters or faces. Traditional AI initiatives require large quantities of data and extended periods to fully educate and train a model. However, in a field dominated by data security and privacy, sharing important information between systems can cause unwanted breaches and safety concerns. Additionally, in environments where variables are constantly changing, traditional methods of AI rarely work fast enough to deploy a valid solution. This can mean the difference between life and death.

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The original article was posted in the COTS Journal.