Last year, many wireless network operators boasted about their 5G rollouts. This rollout should undoubtedly help revolutionize operations for industrial operators in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and energy/oil and gas.

However, many companies are still waiting on 5G as part of their planning to enable advances to drive safety, productivity, maintenance, and asset visibility. If companies are waiting for 5G, they should consider rethinking that approach.

In Lone Star’s latest eBook, we share five reasons why companies should NOT be waiting for 5G.

The 5 Reasons Industry Should Not Wait for 5G eBook will explain why:

  • Companies have enough data right now
  • Companies need to know what data is worth moving
  • Data transport and data latency drive cost and performance
  • Data acquisition, transport, and storage will dominate solution costs
  • Depending on where you operate, it could be years before you have 5G coverage

It’s true 5G will be hugely important for industrial users. 5G will enable automation advances but are companies willing to wait years for rollout?

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