Clients’ Need to Compete in the Algorithm Age Drives Demand

DALLAS (PRWEB) May 10, 2018

Lone Star Analysis announced further expansion of training offerings today. Demand has been high for companies and individuals who want a structured approach to solving real problems with analytics. The courses and workshops are enhanced by customized workshops and webinars the company is providing to clients.

The new offerings of courses and workshops is available on the Lone Star website. The offerings include multiple offerings in several categories:

  • The Internet of Things
  • Analytics Best Practices
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Training on Lone Star’s software titles

Lone Star’s CEO, Steve Roemerman said, “The 21st century is the age of algorithms, but our benchmarking shows that most companies are not doing high quality analytics. Only a handful of the groups we benchmarked were truly good. But our benchmarking shows the principles for excellence are not mysterious.”

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Lone Star Analysis enables customers to make insightful decisions faster than their competitors.  We are a predictive guide bridging the gap between data and action.  Prescient insights support confident decisions for customers in Oil & Gas, Transportation & Logistics, Industrial Products & Services, Aerospace & Defense, and the Public Sector.

Lone Star delivers fast time to value supporting customers planning and on-going management needs.  Utilizing our TruNavigator® software platform, Lone Star brings proven modeling tools and analysis that improve customers top line, by winning more business, and improve the bottom line, by quickly enabling operational efficiency, cost reduction, and performance improvement. Our trusted AnalyticsOSSM software solutions support our customers’ real-time predictive analytics needs when continuous operational performance optimization, cost minimization, safety improvement, and risk reduction are important.

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