In the first two weeks of January, Lone Star Analysis customers won competitive awards exceeding $1 Billion. This follows other high value wins in late 2016.

Ricardo Lopez, Lone Star’s Competitive Differentiation leader said, “It is great to see our customers win important competitions. It’s even better when they tell us we helped them earn those wins.”

Lone Star saw Competitive Differentiation revenue grow in 2016 thanks to unique economic competition analytics. Lone Star’s competition simulation tool, TruPredict™ utilizes competitive intelligence to accurately model the behaviors and biases of all the buyers and sellers in a competition. It uses advanced methods, including Game Theory, and Prospect Theory. TruPredict™ has been used on dozens of Price to Win engagements with impressive accuracy. Our clients won a number of important competitions in 2016. More about Competitive Differentiation is found at

“We are grateful to Ricardo and the entire Competitive Differentiation team,” said Steve Roemerman, Lone Star’s CEO. “We are committed to making a difference for customers. Lone Star’s credo ‘Semper Creando Valorem’ is Latin for ‘Always Create Value.’ There probably is no better example than helping customers win new business. We estimate that our Competitive Differentiation customers create about $1,500 of shareholder value for every dollar they spend with Lone Star; that is what we strive for.”

About Lone Star

Lone Star provides powerful solutions that improve operations. We serve industrial markets, aerospace & defense, oil & gas, transportation & logistics, and the public sector.

Our analytics products and technology-enabled services are proven; we deliver the right answer for your operational needs. We are committed to generating improved operational and financial performance through accurate and actionable answers to our client’s most critical business challenges. Our reputation is built on creating lasting value for our clients.

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