The Society for Modeling & Simulation International (SCS) Recognizes Lone Star Submitted Paper

Jennifer Williams, one of Lone Star’s Analysts, recently received the following notice:

On behalf of the SCSC 2015 Program Committee, I am delighted
to inform you that the following submission has been accepted
to appear at the conference:

Development and Application of System Complexity
Measures for Use in Modeling and Simulation

Congratulations on your fine work.
Best Regards,
Saurabh Mittal, Marco Lutzenberger
SCSC 2015, Modeling and Simulation for Intelligent, Adaptive and Autonomous Systems

One reviewer described the paper as a successful presentation of a reliable method categorizing and quantifying System Complexity.  They elaborate how a particular “scale” was developed and was successfully used in Modelling and Simulating (M&S) program outcomes. This scale can be used to assess a system’s complexity, and it has been calibrated by real-life experience across hundreds of product and system developers.

The Summer Simulation Conference 2015 (SummerSim’15) is SCS’s premier international conference, in cooperation with ACM SIGSIM. The conference focuses on M&S, tools, theory, methodologies and applications; and, it provides a forum for the latest R&D results in academia and industry. This year’s theme is “Complexity and the Role of Modeling & Simulation” and will focus on hybrid, discrete and continuous systems, and the role of M&S in addressing complexity. The 2015 Summer Simulation Multi-Conference (SummerSim’15) July 26-29, 2015 will be held at the Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, IL.

Jennifer noted, “I am extremely grateful to everyone for their help on this paper. I am so excited for this opportunity and could not have done this without the amazing mentors I have at Lone Star.”