Steve Roemerman, CEO of Lone Star Analysis, will be leading a panel discussion at this month’s Probability Management Conference, to be held at the Lockheed Martin Corporation facility in Crystal City (Arlington, VA) on June 18 and 19. The theme of the conference is The New Way to Communicate, Calculate and Calibrate Risk.

Senior decision-makers in industry and government, Risk Management professionals, Project Managers, and simulation users who attend will learn about how to:

  • Improve profitability by understanding cost, schedule and revenue uncertainties
  • Improve budget forecasting by understanding the uncertainties in your requirements
  • Communicate uncertainty between analysts and decision-makers as auditable data
  • Aggregate risk models across software platforms across the enterprise
  • Calculate the chances of achieving financial targets or incurring losses interactively in Excel without macros or add-ins
  • Calibrate the opinions of experts, when no data is available
  • Determine the most important uncertainties to resolve

Mr. Roemerman’s panel will discuss Budget and Policy in the context of uncertainty. “We support and help sponsor Probability Management because the organization is committed to promoting best practices in dealing with real world challenges of uncertainty, variability and risk.  We believe the SIPMath™ standard is the best way to provide open interfaces between software tools and databases of all kinds,” Mr. Roemerman noted.

For more information regarding the Probability Management Conference, click here.

Some discussion highlights from the last conference can be seen here.