Lone Star, internationally recognized in business and technology decision support, modeling and simulation, and a provider of advisory services addressing highly complex client issues is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted it six trademarks.

Of special note is the granting of “Lone Star” as a registered trademark recognizing the unique services that Lone Star Analysis provides and the stylized pennant logo type which is distinguished by its recognizable red white and blue pennant and its similarity to the flag of the great state of Texas. The four additional marks include: TruNavigator℠, TruNav℠, StraTable℠ and Little Questions℠.

“People have come to know Lone Star Analysis for its unique decision analysis capabilities and a number of other tools that address highly complex issues and mission critical challenges,” said Matthew Bowers, VP Corporate Development. “Because of this we determined that it was important to protect our good name and the tools that represent the value we bring to our clients,” he noted.

TruNavigator℠ (TruNav℠) is a 5th generation enhanced decision support tool designed to address virtually any problem, and particularly those problems with significant analytical and organizational complexity.

StraTable® is a matrix-based model that incorporates the power of the TruNavigator processing engine. It has proven to be a highly effective tool for tasks including: Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), Options Analysis, Price to Win, Performance Trades, Risk Comparisons, Competitive Positioning, and others.

“Little Questions℠ is a key part of the Lone Star process whereby we break down large issues into multiple smaller ones addressable by various individuals and data sources,” said John Volpi, Lone Star’s CTO.  “Then, our tools and processes allow these little questions to be appropriately integrated into larger results of the influence diagrams we build within our TruNav models.