Recently, Nathan Rios, one of three interns who participated in Lone Star’s intern program, took a few moments from his busy fall semester to write…

“Although I’m in a different atmosphere I still try to maintain that same professionalism and dedication with my school. I enjoy my classes, they are starting to get tough but I try to just ask myself if I was asked to do this at Lone Star how would I get it done and it just motivates me to tackle it more!”

Lone Star sees its intern program as a “Win-Win”. Giving interns the opportunity to work on “real world” projects provides the interns with valuable experiences that they will take with them as they continue their career development. One of the projects Nathan completed was a Big Data benchmarking study. Conversely, utilizing interns to explore such innovative areas as Big Data is essential to our company’s growth and expansion.

Research has shown that both employers and interns benefit. 81% of employers have found that new hires with relevant internship experience are better prepared than those without internships. Interns can be valuable assets for employers. In addition to being a pipeline for hiring, interns fill positions and assist employers with innovative ideas and technology.

The link to the article below expands on the benefits of an intern program and why Lone Star is so motivated to continue employing interns each summer.