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COMPETITIVE ANALYTICS & PRICINGPrice to Win / Competitive Pricing

Lone Star® is the leader in the competitive Price to Win community.  We have gained a reputation for delivering insightful analysis, advice, and pricing support leading to improved Probability of Win.  Our independent Price to Win solutions are an integral part of successful strategic capture and business development processes, delivering high confidence answers at critical reviews.

We are different from the rest of the market due to our unique Competitive Intelligence capabilities, our “11 Questions” strategic pricing evaluation, and our specialized pricing simulation tool, known as TruPredict™.  TruPredict™ is capable of accurately modeling the competitive environment and simulating the competition 50,000 times.  TruPredict™ has been used on dozens of Price to Win engagements with a high degree of accuracy.

With each engagement Lone Star® delivers the following:

  • More robust understanding of the competitive environment
  • Improved understanding of customer requirements and risk
  • Enhanced win strategies
  • Documented and defensible pricing estimates
  • Improved Probability of Win (Pwin)

Competitive Intelligence so you can Consider it won.

Made Possible by these Software Products:

Smarter & Faster
The answers to count on – when your answers count.