DALLAS – March 23, 2023 – Lone Star Analysis, a trusted provider of leading-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics and Evolved Artificial Intelligence®, was recently awarded Cyber Essentials certification in the United Kingdom, a mandatory measure for all organizations contracting for or directly working with the UK government.

“The Cyber Essentials certification will provide all of our customers with peace of mind that they are protected against the vast majority of common cyber-attacks,” said Robin Adlam, Managing Director, Lone Star Analysis.

Although this accreditation, known as the “foundation of basic hygiene measures,” is mandatory for all UK government contracts and the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD), all organizations awarded benefit by reducing vulnerability significantly. To obtain a certification of this level, organizations must complete a validated self-assessment that determines what organizational services are provided, which cloud services are used, where the employees work and must include at least one end-user device. The questionnaire covers five main focus areas, which include firewalls, secure configurations, access control, security update management, and malware protection.

Lone Star Analysis will use this recognition to attract new businesses and contracts for their UK-based subsidiary, Lone Star Ltd. To learn more about Lone Star Analysis, visit




About Lone Star Analysis
Lone Star Analysis Ltd. is the UK subsidiary of Lone Star Analysis. Lone Star is a provider of applied decision intelligence and engineering solutions. We harness predictive and prescriptive analytics, artificial intelligence, and inherent knowledge to enhance innovation, create economic strength, and make the world safer. Since 2004, organizations have trusted Lone Star to deliver actionable answers to complex problems in manufacturing, aerospace, defense, energy, logistics, transportation, and more.


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