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Smarter Decisions, Faster

Lone Star Analysis is a provider of applied decision intelligence and engineering solutions. We provide predictive and prescriptive analytics and guided Evolved AI® to help customers make smarter decisions faster. Our solutions improve confidence and reduce uncertainty in critical business decisions, enabling companies to improve operational and financial performance.

Competitive Analytics & Pricing

We gather high-quality market and competitive intelligence and turn that information into predictive recommendations for your sales and marketing programs.

Operational Optimization Solutions

We assist with planning and decision intelligence in complex, uncertain environments to improve safety, maximize efficiency, mitigate risk, reduce cost, and optimize performance.

System Engineering & Integration

We consult and manage the development of complex technologies, products, and systems. We use expert analysis and platforms to keep projects on time and within budget.

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Innovations in Business Operations

Lone Star provides powerful solutions that improve operations. We serve industrial markets, aerospace & defense, oil & gas, transportation & logistics, and the military & intelligence. No firm is more qualified to deliver the right answer for your operational needs from our exclusive analytics products and technology-enabled services.

Our reputation is built on creating lasting value for our clients. We are committed to improving operational and financial performance through accurate and actionable answers to our client’s most critical business challenges.


Success Stories

Firefly’s Alpha Launch Vehicle Case Study

Firefly’s Flight Software (FSW) group had a requirement to analyze, design, develop, and test launch vehicle Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) algorithmic software.

Flight Test Support Case Study

In 2012 the Norwegian government was seeking a way to perform qualification testing on their newly developed Joint Strike Missile (JSM). The task, to have the JSM development mature enough for F-35 JSF integration and meet their desired initial operational capability (IOC).

Joint Strike Missile Case Study

The Norwegian Ministry of Defense supported by OSD was having difficulty making progress in qualification and integration of the Joint Strike Missile (JSM).

Joint Strike Missile (UAI) Case Study

In 2013, Universal Armament Interface (UAI) did not support important JSM weapon capabilities, which are enabled by the Platform/Store (PS) interface. As such, JSM needed to request changes to the UAI PS Interface Control Document (ICD).

Weapon Data Link Case Study

Understanding and navigating the U.S. ITAR licensing requirements and Foreign Military Sales processes and having an experienced, U.S.-based customer advocate working with the U.S. DoD is critical to avoid delays in receiving necessary technical data and hardware for your program and to streamlining the integration and testing process.

Vehicle Condition-Based Maintenance Case Study

A local municipality in Texas was seeking operational efficiencies in maintenance costs for their fleet. The city uses a fleet maintenance system to plan and execute routine preventative maintenance, but lacked the ability to optimize maintenance costs. Gaining more visibility into vehicle operational performance in real-time was critical to improving fleet optimization.


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