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TruNavigator® Suite


The TruNavigator® suite of predictive analytics software products is a predictive decision support platform that is designed to address virtually any problem, and particularly those problems with significant analytical and organizational complexity. It is architected to be easy to use, transparent, and scalable. Its strength is in providing clients with a clear visual understanding of “cause and effect” for complex problems with high degrees of uncertainty in order to make decision-making easier.


  • Graphic User Interface: no coding required to build models
  • Natively Incorporates Uncertainty: every modeling element can incorporate and evaluate uncertainty including minimal data, incomplete data, and noisy data
  • Massively Scalable Modeling: address modeling challenges up to complete enterprise level
  • Automated Test: many automated audit and test capabilities built into the software
  • Computationally Efficient: stochastic simulations typically run in seconds on an average laptop, or minutes for large models
  • “Glass Box” Approach: models, equations, interconnections, and documentation are completely transparent, auditable, and explainable
  • Customer Focused: models are built and operate in the language of the customer


  • Provides valuable insight across any industry, function, process, or product
  • Integrates any type of quantitative and qualitative data necessary to address an issue
  • Converts disparate data sources and frequencies into usable information
  • Models define the targeted and relevant data necessary to address issues, massive data volumes are not required
  • Easily interfaces with other desktop and enterprise applications
  • Provides predictive outputs with bounded uncertainties directly addressing decision quality for customer acceptance


  • Rapidly understand how to improve financial performance in a group or across an enterprise
  • Quickly identify areas where operational cost can be reduced or efficiency can be gained
  • Constantly improve manufacturing or production performance
  • Increase revenue through improved market demand and competitive pricing knowledge
  • Minimize risk by testing business scenarios in a simulation prior to making a final decision

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