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AnalyticsOS Suite


A Proven Platform for Real-Time, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics

The AnalyticsOS™ Suite of analytics software products is a disruptive advanced analytics platform that takes real-time decision-making to a new level. By providing transparent predictive and prescriptive analytics at the point closest to where effective decision-making is required, operational outcomes are improved, unwanted latency is eliminated, and data costs are minimized. The AOS™ family of solutions provides true “cause and effect” analytics at the “Edge” of the network or in centralized locations based on the business outcomes the customer is looking to achieve. The powerful but simple modeling application requires no programming skills or advanced math degrees to be effective. AOS™ democratizes advanced analytics capabilities, driving smarter decisions and improved business results.


Traditional data analytics programs are expensive and often fail to solve complex business problems

Creating and sustaining a quality analytics capability has historically been expensive and extremely time consuming. More importantly, these programs often fail to provide value. Due to this history of poor performance, empowering an analytics organization to solve complex problems in today’s environment is frequently met with significant resistance.


Rapidly build, deploy and scale an affordable analytics capability that delivers results in days with AOS™

AnalyticsOS™, by Lone Star Analysis, is a no code platform that allows organizations to leverage domain expertise versus building an analytics center of excellence. Our AOS™ platform eliminates the need for lifetimes worth of “training data” required in traditional ML/AI engagements. Using Evolved AI™, the platform deploys physics and domain expertise to remove the model’s need to learn what is already known. The cloud-based platform offers a ready to use solution that allows organizations to rapidly build, deploy and scale an analytics capability. AOS™ delivers results in days, not months or years. The platform also includes MaxUp™, pre-configured solutions for many common industrial assets (pumps, compressors, electrical motors and more). Our ease of integration with existing ecosystems allows companies to leverage their existing investments in digital transformation.

Implement Faster

  • AOS™ is a mature, proven, ready to implement analytics platform
  • Building blocks to focus on solving the problem vs. coding a solution
  • Eliminates the time-sensitive nature and cost of hiring high-demand data scientists

Implement Cheaper

  • No need to hire pricey, specialty roles – dedicate existing personnel with domain knowledge instead
  • Realize cloud environment benefits without all of the upfront costs and activities
  • Supports digital transformation & industry 4.0 initiatives

Reduce Data Challenges

  • Reduce data volume requirements by removing the model’s need to learn what is already known
  • Model driven by known vs attempting to approximate causality
  • Not required to “wait” for data to learn the multi-variate information required

Next Generation Prescriptive Analytics Modeling

Gateway and Embedded Run-time Environment for the Network Edge

Cloud Based Run-time Environment for Scalability

Models Proven to Deliver Operational Value

The AnalyticsOS™ cloud-based platform provides a ready to go solution allowing organizations to rapidly build, deploy, and scale an analytics capability that delivers results in days, not months or years.

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