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Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

MaxUp® Operational Analytics

MaxUp® is the brand name for Lone Star’s operational analytics solutions. The applications deliver predictive and prescriptive analytics designed specifically for organizations that need to maximize return on complex processes and physical assets they use to run their operations. MaxUp® applications harness Evolved AI® to deliver advanced analytics for applications, including:

  • Process Optimization
  • Fleet Inventory Optimization
  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Optimization
  • Modeling & Simulation Solutions for complex and uncertain process flows
  • Maintenance Staffing Optimization
  • Training Enterprise Models
  • Real-time analytics for pumps, engines, vehicle sub-systems, and industrial manufacturing equipment

MaxUp® software is powered by our TruNavigator® MAX platform and is deployed to maximize readiness and sustainment for complex processes critical to an operation. MaxUp’s Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) solutions also provide real-time asset analytics. Our CBM software can predict when and why components will fail to perform properly and recommend actions to prevent failures.

Readiness and Sustainment Solutions

MaxUp® Readiness

Our readiness and sustainment solutions are powered by our robust and unique MaxUp® Readiness software. The operational analytics applications are designed specifically for organizations that need to optimize complex processes to maximize efficiency.


MaxUp® LEADS – Award-winning solution provides holistic fleet inventory management
MaxUp® GMP – A LEADS module providing real-time configuration/capability status of managed assets
MaxUp® ORDAIN – A digital twin analytics solution to help fleet managers improve operational availability and safety.
MaxUp® MRO2 – Award-winning scalable model that simulates repair/production line processes
MaxUp® OPS – Modeling & Simulation Solutions for complex and uncertain process flows
MaxUp® MxP – Maintenance Staffing Optimization Software (MSOS)
BCASS – Business Case Analysis (BCA)
PRIME – Programmatic decision analysis tool to support Acquisition Strategies for the Program Manager
MaxUp® TEM – Training Enterprise Models for Operational Training Optimization

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