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Lone Star's Cipher Alchemy®

Cipher Alchemy® (CA) is Lone Star’s advanced research and development organization. “Cipher” originally meant both “mathematics” and “mystery.” “Alchemy” was the art of exploring the mysterious. Lone Star has a history of significant R&D investments. As a result, we own or control more than five dozen patents. CA was established to sustain this commitment. 

Cipher Alchemy® seeks breakthroughs in the math inside our historic analytic solutions. But CA also explores beyond the boundaries of our current business and beyond the current state of the art. Simply stated, we seek math so powerful it seems like magic. The “magic” is targeted at better analytics, breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence, and improved processing for the markets we serve. 

Cipher Alchemy® – “It’s Time for New Math”

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of artificial intelligence, big data, and modern analytics. But almost nobody recognizes the obsolete elephant in the room – Most of today’s analytics solutions are born from 20th-century thinking, constrained by technology barriers that are decades old. The world continues to use theories and models that were developed during a time when solving mathematical problems was constrained by the limited computing power of mainframes and slide rules. Today, we have more computational power in our phones than anyone, anywhere, had back then. 

It’s time for new math.

That’s why Lone Star Analysis established Cipher Alchemy®. At Cipher Alchemy®, we hire the brightest mathematical minds we can find and give them a single directive – to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems in analytics and AI using this new math. We theorize and develop algorithms without artificial constraints, like perceived technology barriers. In doing so, we arrive at entirely new, more accurate truths about the world around us to solve our customers’ toughest problems. 

This is R&D at a revolutionary level. And we bake this thinking into the disruptive solutions that Lone Star provides to its clients.

In this new day and age, with abundant computing power and the gall to ask, “what if,” we solve the unsolvable and make the impossible possible. That can seem like mathematical magic. 

In a way, it is. It’s Cipher Alchemy®.

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