Lone Star Analysis has announced plans to increase patent filings in 2019, starting with digital twin technology.

Lone Star Analysis, a trusted provider of advisory services and internationally recognized for leading-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions, has announced plans to increase patent filings in 2019, starting with digital twin technology.

“Our first filing of the year describes an innovative approach to digital twins, or virtual models of processes, products or services,” said Steve Roemerman, CEO, Lone Star Analysis. “We believe this is an important change in digital twin technology. It will lower the cost of deployment and provide new capabilities in predictive and prescriptive analytics.”

While the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will not publish the patent application for a few months, Lone Star® has already started rolling out the digital twin approach in customer trials.

Several additional patents will follow. The company describes it as a two-pronged effort, focusing on both tactical and strategic patents. The filings will follow up on prior intellectual property and present new and original approaches to problems in artificial intelligence and analytics.

“We have several provisional and utility filings working through our internal process right now,” said Eric Haney, chief technology officer, Lone Star Analysis. “The company’s founders and their insights about intellectual property strategy have shaped our corporate philosophy and culture and laid the groundwork for new ideas.”

Directly and through related entities, Lone Star currently manages about 60 patents awarded and pending. Its plan for 2019 is to accelerate the pace of filings and bring the total to about 70.

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About Lone Star Analysis
Lone Star Analysis is a Dallas-based predictive and prescriptive analytics specialist enabling customers to make smarter decisions faster by leveraging data and insights to provide foresight and enhance the decision-making of its customers. Lone Star’s TruNavigator® and AnalyticsOSTM software programs provide transparent, auditable and explainable solutions for clients. Additionally, Lone Star® applies the right combination of data, people and processes to get results with its 15 years of experience and more than 800 subject matter experts, across several industries, including aerospace, defense, energy, logistics, manufacturing and transportation.

For more information on Lone Star®, visit http://www.Lone-Star.com.

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