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TruPredict® - Hitting the Bull's Eye!

TruPredict Case Study

The Issue

A technology company needed to identify the optimal bid price on a government contract without leaving money on the table. The capture manager needed to shape their offering to more closely match the customer’s needs, taking into account uncertainty involving the competitor’s solutions.


The customer deployed TruPredict®, the only Price-to-Win specific software available today. TruPredict® enabled the company to identify key areas needed in order to improve its competitive position. Users tested different competitor solutions and pricing that could impact the competition. The customer accurately identified the tradeoff point (sweet spot) for the customer between price and non-price factors.


Our client won the contract! They overcame their non-cost disadvantage by bidding a credible price to the customer and approved by their company’s leadership. The customer has leveraged this process to win four additional contracts, creating a long-term business base.

Lone Star's process wins four additional contracts, creating a long-term business base for this tech company!

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