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Vehicle Condition-Based Maintenance Software Case Study

condition based maintenance software

The Issue

A local municipality in Texas was seeking condition based maintenance software for operational efficiencies in maintenance costs for their fleet. The city uses a fleet maintenance system to plan and execute routine preventative maintenance, but lacked the ability to optimize maintenance costs. Gaining more visibility into vehicle operational performance in real-time was critical to improving fleet optimization.

Solution: Condition-Based Maintenance Software - MaxUp® Fleet

The municipality deployed Lone Star’s MaxUp® Fleet Vehicle Condition-Based Maintenance software. Installation of a 3rd party ODBII device on the vehicles enabled real-time data collection in Lone Star’s cloud environment where the real-time analytics is conducted. Results of the analysis are delivered via customizable user dashboards, accessible by key operations and management personnel to predict, prescribe, and make better decisions in real-time. By aggregating information from individual vehicles into a fleet-wide dashboard, decision-makers adjust operational priorities “on the fly” to improve operations and utilization of critical assets. Additionally, in collaboration with the municipality, Lone Star developed a vehicle CO2 monitoring and reporting module that enabled automated, auditable, regulatory emissions compliance and reporting.


Our software identified numerous areas for improvement across the municipalities fleet of vehicles. One issue identified through Lone Star software is the excessive idle time of vehicles. Using the real-time data feeds from the vehicle, we were able to identify when vehicles were idling when not stopped in traffic or not in the performance of services. This unnecessary idle time results in higher fuel costs, and needless vehicle CO2 emissions.

The customer experienced significant value in:
• Cost savings estimate of $720 per vehicle annually in fuel consumption
Extending useful individual vehicle life by reducing engine idle time
• Improved maintenance operations through condition vs. preventive
maintenance practices
Improved regulatory and emissions compliance and reporting

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