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Program Planning & Management

Organizational success is driven by the effective execution of well-planned strategies.
To achieve the desired level of success in any task, you need experienced, disciplined, and well trained personnel.  The “rubber meets the road” with your program leadership.

Lone Star® has deep experience with planning and executing product and technology development programs across a wide variety of industries including Aerospace & Defense, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Telecommunications, Medical Devices, and many others.  We focus on assisting clients in the successful execution of complex and critical programs that have significant degrees of uncertainty.  We also provide program management evaluations and program turn-around “tiger team” support.

Lone Star® utilizes internally developed modeling and simulation tools and processes to improve likelihood of program success through systematic risk reduction, something unavailable through other companies.  Lone Star’s personnel are experts in managing large, complex teams with diverse participants and delivering programs that meet or exceed requirements on time and on budget.


Focused Industries

Profitability, productivity and even human lives ride on the choices you make. Until recently, organizations have relied on the experience, judgment and intuition of their people to make these choices, but now predictive and prescriptive analytics from Lone Star Analysis can help you make critical decisions with greater certainty than ever before – and do it faster and smarter than you ever imagined.