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Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)

With the pace of change increasing and products and systems becoming more complex, it is critical to understand the merits of different available options to satisfy a need. Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) is an effective way to evaluate different system architecture and design decisions in light of critical business and technical performance parameters. AoA enables clients to see potential outcomes of design choices prior to making costly and irreversible investment decisions.

Lone Star’s AoA solutions have been applied dozens of times and unfailingly served to refine client development approaches. Utilizing specialized software tools, such as StraTable™, Lone Star® systematically breaks down designs into their core elements, determines each element’s options, and methodically establishes quantifiable parameters. Our processes and tools, coupled with deep domain experience, identify areas for improvement or optimization and deliver actionable recommendations.


Focused Industries

Profitability, productivity and even human lives ride on the choices you make. Until recently, organizations have relied on the experience, judgment and intuition of their people to make these choices, but now predictive and prescriptive analytics from Lone Star Analysis can help you make critical decisions with greater certainty than ever before – and do it faster and smarter than you ever imagined.