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Program & Systems Advisory

The complexity of technological systems is only expanding due to the move to an interconnected, interactive world. Developing technologies and products in this environment is difficult, under the best of circumstances. Lone Star has extensive experience in complex hardware, software, and systems development and a track record delivering programs that meet specification on time and on budget. Utilizing proprietary tools, senior personnel, and industry best practices, we help clients manage the entire product development life-cycle.


Program & Systems Advisory can be defined by these 3 areas.

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[list style=”2″ title=”Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)” link=”analysis_of_alternatives_aoa/” icon=”icon-share”]With the pace of change increasing and products and systems becoming more complex, it is critical to understand the merits of different available options to satisfy a need. [/list]
[list style=”2″ title=”Program Planning & Management” link=”program_planning_management/” icon=”icon-arrow-combo”]Lone Star has deep experience with planning and executing product and technology development programs across a wide variety of industries.[/list]
[list style=”2″ title=”Systems Architecture & Engineering” link=”systems-architecture-engineering/” icon=”icon-target”]Complex programs present clients with complex challenges. Systems Architecture and Engineering (SA&E) is in the center of this complexity. [/list]
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