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Supply Chain / Logistics

Your performance is beholden to your supply chain and global economic uncertainty means that organizations must be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice. Uncertainty is also coupled with financial pressures to create more efficiency through shorter cycle times. This combination requires an enterprise understanding and approach for creating optimal value across the continuum.

Lone Star® helps clients optimize their supply chains by supporting strategic analysis and planning and critical systems implementation management using TruNavigator® based solutions, and real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics utilizing AnalyticsOS®.  Lone Star’s approach delivers a clear understanding of how supply chains operate now and in the future, to accurately understand the ramifications of changes prior to their implementation. Our approach ensures clients have a clear understanding of business and technical “cause and effect” across every aspect of their business.


Focused Industries

Profitability, productivity and even human lives ride on the choices you make. Until recently, organizations have relied on the experience, judgment and intuition of their people to make these choices, but now predictive and prescriptive analytics from Lone Star Analysis can help you make critical decisions with greater certainty than ever before – and do it faster and smarter than you ever imagined.