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Asset Utilization

Achieving operational excellence and maximum performance from your assets demands a tighter coupling of assets, data, and operating objectives. Asset, facility, and enterprise-wide view perspectives are necessary to optimize resource utilization, avoid unplanned shutdowns, and plan maintenance and logistics. When executed properly, production will increase while costs decline.

Lone Star® has deep experience in delivering solutions that integrate enterprise, facility, and asset-level perspectives. The solutions span from rapid planning and analysis capabilities utilizing TruNavigator® to real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics at the operational edge utilizing AnalyticsOS®.


Focused Industries

Profitability, productivity and even human lives ride on the choices you make. Until recently, organizations have relied on the experience, judgment and intuition of their people to make these choices, but now predictive and prescriptive analytics from Lone Star Analysis can help you make critical decisions with greater certainty than ever before – and do it faster and smarter than you ever imagined.