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Demystifying Price to Win

Struggling to Win Contracts?

Ever wondered what something is worth to a customer? Or perhaps, what should you offer without leaving money on the table? Everyone has customers and competitors. Each customer will have different preferences, requirements, and biases. In turn, your competitors will respond with what they believe is an optimal value proposition, driven by price and non-price factors. Learn how to optimize your pricing strategies to increase your probability of winning a deal.

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In this session, you will:

  • Get some real-world examples from different industries on how to tie price and non-price considerations together
  • Discover a method to quickly identify which value propositions or win strategies will most likely result in a win
  • Listen to a candid discussion around the power of “what if” scenarios
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TruPredict® Price to Win Software

Lone Star Analysis’ TruPredict® is a real-time analytics tool that allows users to understand overall competitive positioning, risk tolerance, and optimal bid strategy through a series of alternative “what if” scenarios and incorporates:

  • Price to Win
  • Market pricing
  • Strategic pricing
  • Competition setup
  • Competitor evaluation

TruPredict® transforms the way you price to win. Understand what price it takes to win your next contract. It’s the most advanced competitive pricing software available.