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3 Basic Blunders in Bid Pricing

Strategic bidding, winning large contracts, or even buying mobile phone
spectrum licenses all require a level of skill and expertise. Even after hundreds of important competitions, no one can claim “we’ve seen it all.” But there are three basic errors which happen most.

In this free eBook “3 Basic Blunders in Bid Pricing,” we’ll explore the main challenges analysts face when setting bid prices. Avoiding these blunders is a good start at successful
bids in tough competitions.

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3 Basic Blunders in Bid Pricing TruPredict eBook

TruPredict® is a real-time analytics software solutions that gives users insights into their competitive positioning, and optimal bid strategy through a series of “what if” scenarios. What TruPredict® gives you:

• Price to Win
• Market pricing
• Strategic pricing
• Competition setup
• Competitor evaluation

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