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StraTable® business consulting services using predictive and analytical models is a matrix-based model that incorporates the power of the processing engine. StraTable® assists in providing enhanced decision analysis for our clients. It has proven to be a highly effective tool for tasks including: Options Analysis, Price to Win, Performance Trades, Risk Comparisons, Analysis of Alternatives, Competitive Positioning, and Others.

The StraTable® matrix provides a means to quickly generate considerable quantitative insight across multiple options for problems with many variables – considering even multiple selections within each variable. It does this by concentrating a rich set of alternatives into a “Menu Style” palette based on what is possible and desired.

Depending on the importance/relevance of specific items within an exercise, the number of columns/major elements can vary, although there is no upper or lower limit. Once a basic model is built, any chosen option combination can be evaluated in a matter of seconds to at most a minute or two. It is easy to modify in real time and therefore especially useful in quickly developing a multi-dimensional Analysis-of-Alternatives (AOA) space.

  • A Process/Tool that easily quantifies and assesses different options (Alternatives, Strategies, Competitors).
  • Multiple options can be easily defined and documented.
  • The number of possible options and the potential variables are only bounded by the specific problem at hand – not by the tool.
  • The StraTable® can also simultaneously support multiple cost, risk, and performance layers as additional dimensions that are all evaluated as each Option is defined.
  • The process can be accomplished by a single individual, but is especially powerful when options are considered in a group setting of Stake Holders and/or Subject Matter Experts.