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OptUp™– Optimization Elevation

OptUp™, the software component of our Operational Optimization Solutions is designed to help organizations improve operational effectiveness. Powered by our robust and unique TruNavigator® platform, the applications are designed specifically for organizations who need to elevate their operational performance to greater heights. Lone Star® deploys the OptUp™ Family of software to assist customers with planning and decision intelligence in complex, uncertain environments in order to improve safety, maximize efficiency, mitigate risk, reduce cost, and optimize performance.


OptUp™ supported solutions include:


Lifecycle Enhanced Asset Decision Software provides aircraft fleet asset management and is a resource planning tool. Facilitates effective fleet management planning in order to maximize operational readiness.


Global Modification Planner is a LEADS module providing real-time configuration/capability status of managed assets. Allows the user to quickly identify upgrade status by BUNO.


Maintenance Repair Overhaul Optimization is a scalable model that simulates repair/production line processes to facilitate more informed programmatic decisions and optimize production, throughput, and cost.


Modeling & Simulation Solutions for complex and uncertain process flows. Quantifies the cost and schedule impacts by simulating the production environment.


Manpower and Personnel are optimized through Maintenance Staffing Optimization Software (MSOS), which allows the user to develop, document, and test a maintenance model.


Business Case Analysis Software Solutions provides a report and simulation tool that analyzes cost, performance, schedule, risk, and other critical factors supporting an investment decision.


Program Readiness for Integration Management Evaluation is a programmatic decision analysis tool, modeled with LSI influences, to support acquisition strategies for the Program Manager. Resulting in defendable, consistent means of communicating acquisition strategies up the chain.


Training Operations Optimization Solutions tackle difficult problems for training enterprises, such as military training commands.



The TruNavigator® suite of predictive analytics software products is a predictive decision support platform that is designed to address virtually any problem, and particularly those problems with significant analytical and organizational complexity. It is architected to be easy to use, transparent, and scalable. Its strength is in providing clients with a clear visual understanding of “cause and effect” for complex problems with high degrees of uncertainty in order to make decision-making easier.

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