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Electrical Submersible Pump Failure Analysis

electrical submersible pump failure analysis

The Issue:

Electrical Submersible Pump Failure Analysis

An artificial lift optimization firm, working for a large, international oil and gas exploration and production company, needed electrical submersible pump failure analysis. The company was experiencing significant difficulties keeping their Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) in service in the Bakken Shale Formation due to harsh operational conditions.

This scenario led to low ESP productivity, premature ESP failures, as well as high cost of replacement and workover due to last minute planning.


Lone Star® applied its MaxUp Energy predictive and prescriptive ESP analytics software. The software monitored and evaluated all elements influencing ESP production and health, ranging from inbound power through outbound pressure/flow and all critical systems in between. The continuous evaluation of production efficiency and predictions of system, sub-system, and component level failures, along with prescribed mitigating/preventative action(s) enabled effective operational adjustments to improve ESP productivity, enhance time to failure, and mitigate high cost workovers.

• Diagnoses, Predicts, & Prescribes action on up to 60 ESP failure modes
• The ESP Solution can make predictions up to months in advance
• Once data integration has occurred, an ESP can be deployed in as little as 1 hour


The Operational Mode and virtual sensors allowed the client to monitor aspects of the pump that were not previously available. In turn we were able to help the client deliver more product and bring in more revenue. The solution resulted in:

  • Increased production by 7.5%
  • Recovered $684K annually per 1000 barrels of energy produced (@$25/barrel)
  • Extended ESP mean time between failures by months

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