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Cloud Based Analytics with AnalyticsOS™ Cloud

All the power of AnalyticsOS™ for organizations who need cloud bases analytics for critical assets. AOS™ Cloud allows operators to monitor and manage assets in real-time with predictive and prescriptive analytics in a secure, encrypted cloud environment:

  • cloud based analytics for aos cloud serverPowerful Run-time Predictive and Prescriptive Asset Analytics Environment for the Data Center
  • Highly Scalable Real-time and Near Real-time Simulation
  • Completely Integrated Stochastic Optimization Capability
  • Seamlessly Integrated with AOS™ Architect for Model Deployment and AOS™ Edge for Bi-Directional Data Integration
  • Easy Integration with AOS™ Suite, 3rd Party BI and Databases, Control Systems, and Operations Management Applications
  • Enhances Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Helps Keep Your Data Lake Crystal Clear
cloud based analytics aos cloud

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