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Analytical Models AOS Architect

AOS™ Architect- Powerful Analytical Models

The most advanced solution for analytical models available. AnalyticsOS™ Architect allows the user to harness the power of AOS™ and build turn-key custom models that can be deployed to the cloud or at the edge. Included with every deployment of AnalyticsOS™, the modelling software does not require software coding expertise, but instead uses a drag-and-drop environment. With AOS™ Architect, companies will no longer need to hire expensive and difficult to find data scientist or to build out a data center of excellence in order to realize an analytics capability.

Analytics platform AOS

AnalyticsOS™ Architect Removes the Complexity from Building Analytical Models

  • Enables the Rapid Creation and Deployment of Powerful Predictive and Prescriptive Models
  • Modelling software that can scale at the edge or cloud to suite your needs
  • Simple, Graphic, Easy-to-Use Interface Means You Can Create Models and Add Value Quickly
  • AOS™ Architect is “No-Code,” Meaning No Software Programming or Complex Math Modelling Needed. So Any Person in
  • Your Organization Can Develop High-Value Models
  • Use your company’s internal SME’s knowledge and expertise in a secure encrypted environment
  • Built-in Sensor Simulator and AOS™ Edge Emulator Means You Can Completely Test and Verify Your Models Prior to Deployment
  • Pre-integration with AOS™ Edge and Facilitates Quick and Easy Deployment

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