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Free eBook Available for Capture Managers, Capture Teams and AnalystsSix Price to Win Misconceptions Every Business Pro Should Know

Pricing to win a contract is tough!

Youre expected to create the perfect bidding strategy that’s going to win the contract for your company.  It’s a lot to absorb. Many bidders falsely believe certain notions about price to win that are not true. Then there’s your competition. What is their bidding strategy? What’s your competitive positioning? Risk tolerance?

“Price to Win” is often misunderstood and can be uncomfortable for decision-makers when a PTW recommendation is out of line with expectations. Approaching PTW with objectivity and transparency is crucial to building, using, and communicating a PTW recommendation. This free eBook discusses the top six misconceptions of Price to Win to better align practitioners and stakeholders to a common understanding.

Price to Win Misconceptions eBook

Six Price to Win Misconceptions eBook

In this eBook, we’ll show you: 

  • What price to win is REALLY
  • How to prepare a price-to-win strategy 
  • The top misconceptions hurting your bidding strategy 
  • A tool that will help you automate the price to win process

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TruPredict Price to Win Software

TruPredict is a real-time analytics tool that allows users to understand overall competitive positioning, risk tolerance, and optimal bid strategy through a series of alternative “what if” scenarios, and incorporates:

• Price to Win
• Market pricing
• Strategic pricing
• Competition setup
• Competitor evaluation

TruPredict transforms the way you price to win. Understand what price it takes to win your next contract. It’s the most advanced competitive pricing software available. Click here for a free trial of TruPredict.

Price to win software - TruPredict
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