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AnalyticsOS® Case Study

Analytics platform AOS

The Issue

A global solutions, services and products organization supporting the oil and gas industry required a flexible, adaptable, scalable, real-time analytics capability to enhance their enterprise asset management platform in support of their global customer base. Despite having an internal analytics center of excellence, the customer required greater flexibility and speed to value than their existing capabilities delivered.


The company deployed Lone Star’s AnalyticsOS® (AOS) technology. Leveraging their strong analytics center of excellence, the customer subscribed to Lone Star’s AOS® to enable their personnel to rapidly build targeted analytics solutions and products to create new value streams for them and their customers. Lone Star’s edge and cloud-based, real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics platform enabled the customer to rapidly build and deploy problem-specific solutions at scale in weeks, not months. Using real-time sensor data from their customer’s critical assets, our software provided real-time insights into asset health while providing predictive and prescriptive analytics on critical operating components’ operation, performance, and future state.


The customer was able to build and deploy analytics solutions in the AOS® edge environment in weeks rather than months. Acceleration of time-to-value for their customer base resulted in increased revenue generation, improved customer satisfaction, extended analytics capabilities, and increased penetration within key global accounts.

The customer experienced value by:
• Accelerating time to value from months to weeks
• Increasing the depth and breadth of value-added services to customers
• Rapid deployment of “no code” cloud analytics platform that scales quickly and integrates easily into existing ecosystems
• Leveraging Lone Star’s 17-year tried and tested analytics software and platforms instead of building their own, which would require months of development and testing

AnalyticsOS® enables you to rapidly harvest the value in data