Lone Star Analysis expands TruPredict product line with TruPredict Essentials, a cloud-based, simplified version. The new release provides an easy-to-use, guided method for bidding federal contracts.

Lone Star, a trusted provider of leading-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics, and guided artificial intelligence solutions, announced today the expansion of its TruPredict™ product line. The new option, TruPredict Essentials, is an easy-to-use, cloud-based version of the price-to-win program, designed for simplicity.

“There are thousands of government contracts available to contractors every year, but with each potential contract there can be many companies vying for the business” said Ricardo Lopez, Vice President of Competitive Analytics and Pricing, Lone Star Analysis. “TruPredict Essentials offers these organizations a competitive advantage; an opportunity to accurately test assumptions and model outcomes quicky and efficiently.”

The first version of the software, TruPredict Professional, launched in 2019 as a competitive differentiation solution for organizations looking to bid and win more contracts in half the time. The only guided, self-service, price-to-win tool on the market, TruPredict Essentials simplifies the bidding process even more by providing an easy interface and work path. Users with no price to win experience can use the platform confidently to account for uncertainty, evaluate competitor strategies and improve price-to-win opportunities.

TruPredict Essentials allows users to address pain points associated with the bidding process, such as finding the optimal bid price, identifying how to adjust to meet the customer’s needs and accounting for uncertainty. By rapidly running “what if” assessments and simulating competitive scenarios, the software can inform users of the best price point for a winning strategy.

Designed with the user experience in mind, TruPredict Essentials can help organizations win more government contracts, regardless of their industry.

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About TruPredict

TruPredict™ is a price-to-win software built to navigate the process of pricing for federal bids. TruPredict simulates scenarios in real time, allowing users to change conditions and variables to build and analyze competitive price points. The TruPredict suite includes TruPredict Professional, the original price-to-win software, and TruPredict Essentials, a guided, cloud-based version for users with less experience bidding on government contracts. TruPredict is a Lone Star Analysis product. For more information on TruPredict, visit

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