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Rotary Screw Compressor Asset Management Software Case Study

The Issue

Rotary screw compressor software case study – A global manufacturing company was experiencing excessively high utility and maintenance costs. Compounding these problems, they lacked the visibility and capability to resolve the issues.

Despite massive amounts of data, they could not identify where the inefficiencies existed. This resulted in an inability to maximize uptime, extend asset useful life and reduce operational costs.


The company deployed Lone Star’s MaxUp® Manufacturing RSC Asset Management Software. Using the company’s existing operational data on critical assets, our software provided real-time insights into overall asset health, and predictive and prescriptive analytics on the operation, performance, and maintenance of RSC assets. MaxUp® Manufacturing RSC asset management enabled the manufacturer to make informed decisions to reduce operating costs, optimize asset operations, improve utilization and maximize uptime.

MaxUp Readiness


Our rotary screw compressor software identified numerous examples of asset unloading, manual power cycling, excessive operating temperature and power draw. The real-time analytics identified that the asset’s current draw was trending severely over the FLA (Full Load Amps) rating by ~150%. This resulted in significantly higher than expected power cost.

The customer experienced significant value in:
• Cost savings ranging from $65K-$80K per asset
• Extending useful individual asset life by 1.5-2 times
• Dramatically improved maintenance forecasting

The solution enabled an improvement in each asset’s operations and maintenance resulting in $80K of cost savings and significant extension of asset life.

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