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RSC Asset Management Software

Lone Star’s MaxUp® Manufacturing offers a Rotary Screw Compressor Management System (SaaS) focused on maximizing rotary screw compressor operations, maintenance and performance. Using physics-based AI, the cloud application provides powerful visualizations of predictions, prescriptions, and data insights. MaxUp® Manufacturing’s RSC Asset Management software:

  • Enables reduction of the total cost of ownership and operation
  • Is compressor OEM and model agnostic
  • Features an easy to use, web-based interface

This results in lower utility costs, increased asset availability, and overall RSC reliability. Read this case study to learn how!

About MaxUp® Manufacturing's RSC Asset Management

MaxUp® Manufacturing’s RSC software helps operators maximize the uptime, operation & value of Rotary Screw Compressor systems.

Rotary Screw Compressor (RSC) operators often face common challenges:

  • High utility costs
  • Inefficient compressor operation
  • Unplanned downtime
  • Power quality issues
  • The need to extend the life of their compressor systems

MaxUp® Manufacturing’s RSC Asset Management Software solves these problems with predictive and prescriptive analytics in real-time to maximize the return from compressor systems.

The Case for RSC Asset Management

Asset Optimization:

MaxUp® Manufacturing’s RSC Software identifies underutilized compressors and quantifies inefficiencies. It supplies basis data for the cost-benefit of retrofitting, and upgrading. It also identifies compressors operating out of design range.

Maximize Uptime:

The application diagnoses power quality issues, spikes, and outages. It identifies the root cause of most diagnostics and predictions. It also provides corrective action prescriptions for each diagnostic and prediction.

Reduce Utility Costs:

The software quantifies the cost of certain compressor operations and ways to reduce cost. It estimates the impact of unloading and signals ways to reduce costs. Additionally, it forecasts utility savings considering asset operation and compressor environment.
See how we saved one company $80,000 in energy costs annually PER RSC ASSET!

Maximize Uptime to Improve Return on RSC Assets.

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