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Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization is about altering and elevating operational capabilities. This has developed into more of a challenge as the complexity of operational systems increases and becomes more tightly coupled with upstream and downstream business processes. Lone Star is a pioneer in applying predictive and prescriptive analytics and analysis techniques that enable customers to improve asset utilization and operational efficiency, decrease operational cost and risk, and improve revenue and profitability.


Performance Optimization can be defined by these seven areas:

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[list style=”2″ title=”Total Enterprise Optimization” link=”total-enterprise-optimization/” icon=”icon-battery”]Enterprise optimization refers to the systematic process of planning, integrating, coordinating, and executing all dimensions of your organization.[/list]
[list style=”2″ title=”Manufacturing & Production” link=”manufacturing_production/” icon=”icon-login”]Manufacturing & Production optimization is more than improving processes. [/list]
[list style=”2″ title=”Supply Chain & Logistics” link=”supplychain_logistics/” icon=”icon-shuffle”]Supply chain and global economic uncertainty means that organizations must be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice.[/list]
[list style=”2″ title=”Maintenance & Repair” link=”maintenance_repair/” icon=”icon-tools”]It is critical that operational assets achieve maximum uptime and maximum useful life at the lowest possible cost.[/list]
[list style=”2″ title=”Asset Utilization” link=”asset-utilization/” icon=”icon-back”]Achieving operational excellence and maximum performance from your assets demands a tighter coupling of assets, data, and operating objectives.[/list]
[list style=”2″ title=”Operational Risk” link=”operational_risk/” icon=”icon-cancel-circled”]Most risk monitoring and evaluation is both discrete and qualitative, making it ineffective as an evaluation tool.[/list]
[list style=”2″ title=”Training” link=”training/” icon=”icon-users”]Computer processing and networks are transforming the way people do their jobs. [/list]
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