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Takes the core mathematical principles pioneered by TruNavigator® and AnalyticsOS™ and applies them to the high-value domain of process / project management. In a world filled with uncertain task times, inconsistent supply chains, and constrained resources, a robust and powerful toolset is required. TruProcess addresses these problem areas in accessible, easy-to-use solution.

How does TruProcess help your business?

Quantify Impact
Quantify schedule impacts of uncertain task times, process dependencies, supplier variabilities, limited labor pools, and constrained resources
Identify Inefficiencies
Identify timing, severity and impact of process chokepoints
Measure Constrained Resources
Quantify work-in-process, backlog and utilization rates for constrained resources with prioritized workload
Understand Cost Drivers
Quantify top drivers of direct, indirect and overhead costs for the process

UNIQUE FEATURES Critical Business Information Not Found Anywhere Else

Vs Existing Discrete Event Simulations
  • Full range of uncertainty in both cost & schedule captured – not averages
  • Not just an engineering tool, provides clear indicators of constraints and alleviation strategies that can be shared with managers and executives
  • Adaptable to any level and scope of process – not limited to detailed production analysis
Vs Existing Project Management Tools
  • Easily evaluate and compare alternative process strategies – not locked into unwieldy file comparison
  • Allocate labor and fixed resources including execution uncertainty – not asked to forecast exact resource usage ahead of time

Find out how TruProcess can help your business

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